Thursday, August 28, 2008

Abundance and Gratitude - Day 18

The day has made me just a little weary. Thought I would try to infuse a little optimism!

Day 18 of participating in an exercise that is a great idea from Millionaire Mommy Next Door to re-focus on manifesting abundance thankfulness.

Day 18: $13,107,200 spending spree:
LA compound purchase, decoration, tax and maint fund ($13 mil)
Trip to Hawaii for a month ($100,000)
Dinner tonight at Slanted Door with many boozy concoctions ($300)
Hotel for the long weekend, starting tonight - forget about the very bad smoke blocking my commute home! ($4,000)
Clothes and toiletries, since I wouldnt be going home ($500)
Food and entertainment for the long weekend ($2400)

I am grateful for:
- being 18 days about from being out of cc debt!
- skill, hard work, opportunity and the options that creates
- B having new housing even sooner than thought for a very, very affordable rate + improved health and healing

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