Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abundance and Gratitude - Day 17

Day 17 of participating in an exercise that is a great idea from Millionaire Mommy Next Door to re-focus on manifesting abundance thankfulness.

Day 17: $6,553,600 spending spree:
Make a bionic woman! (seriously, think they can engineer a new back for me with $6mil?)
OK, probably not....how about a team of people that can help: 3x week acupuncturist, 1xweek massage therapy, 3xweek personal yoga instruction, personal chef (all for the next 60 years) = $6,006,000
Donation to my favorite back doctor, to further her research ($547,600)

I am grateful for:
- a wonderful, caring, supportive doctor that has helped me heal for 8 years!
- intuitive friends that support me in my quest to manifest abundance
- technology that keeps me near all the things and people I care about

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