Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 = propserity

December net worth is updated. Down by a few thousand because I updated car's worth based on and because I didnt pay off any debt.

My 2008 net worth increased by 40k. Not too bad, considering it was a year devoted to debt reduction :)

Ive decided 2009 is going to be themed prosperity!

Short term goals are the same, and I will add more when a few earnings details fall into place.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goals update!

November was absolutely insane in almost all ways, including financially!

Core goals are the same, a few tactical shifts were made:

- I got paid my quarterly bonus, woohoo!
- I spent under $1k on my trip to Florida. It was money well spent and Im very thankful I had it in cash to spend!
- I decided to throw $2k into an EF.
- I paid $2k towards my 0% interest cc debt

Goal updates:
- Finish paying off 0% interest cc debt by Feb
- Finish funding EF by Feb

Ill think more about possibly paying down car, investing in 401k, investing outside of 401k after those 2 major goals are met.

happy thanksgiving!

I had the realization while in Florida, that while life certainly isnt easy - it is good. And for that, I am so very thankful.

Life has been crazy, as usual...

Two weeks ago my 75 yo Mom (well actually my surrogate Mom, but still) called from Florida. She has been going through some challenges this year: a major neck surgery, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, and a second major surgery on the near term radar.

She procured senior subsidized housing and had been trying to move in for about 6 weeks. The rest of the fam and friends had been working hard to get her moved in and settled, but it just hadnt quite come together. No one was dedicated to getting the job done, though many people had provided quite a bit of assistance. Mom was hurting herself physically trying to do so much, and it became clear I needed to step in.

I decided to fly from CA to FL on 3 days notice to project manage the situation. The main goals were to get everything out of the old house she wanted and everything at the new house as settled as possible.

I was exhausted before I departed from moving the BF and myself into our new home in Oct + work + 2nd work. But I was also excited. A big reason for wanting to pay off that 43k in bad cc debt over the last year, was to be able to help Mom if/when she needed it.

I was able to pay for my flight ($240 roundtrip CA to FL on 3 days notice!!), groceries for her house, new shelving, movers, and leave her with some cash -- with cash (no cc!). That felt very, very good - being able to help without compromising my own situation. :)

I came home last Monday, worked Tues/Wed and then enjoyed a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with my BF.