Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Abundance and Gratitude - Day 16

Day 16 of participating in an exercise that is a great idea from Millionaire Mommy Next Door to re-focus on manifesting abundance thankfulness.

Day 16: $3,276,800 spending spree:
With my new freedom from work fund, use my time to establish a non-profit organization that funds Bay Area programs to bring music and arts to a broader audience. Record label, publishing house, mentoring and after school programs. ($2mil)
Fully fund and grow a project a friend is now running that brings inner city kids to go snowboarding in the winter ($1,000,000)
Gift 10 friends/acquaintances that make under $50k/year $27,600 each.

I am grateful for:
- remembering....to be in a place where I can receive what I am asking for...people that have deeply influenced by life...instances of endless joy....actions of giving...
- hope
- coffee

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