Tuesday, November 11, 2008

unjaded - the new thankful

Inspired by Mr Budgets are Sexy to think about some of the Ups at my current job situation.

- I met my significant other here (though he has moved on to a new, awesome job)

- The people. I was pulled into this company by friends I worked with at my first startup in SF (about 8 years ago!). A decent sized group of these coworkers have been people I consider great friends for years.

- I believe in the founders. Ive known them for almost 8 years too. One of the founders is my direct boss.

- My direct boss is extremely positive. He recognizes my accomplishments, reminds me often how much he appreciates me, and generally kicks ass.

- My work is fun. It can be intense and frustrating, but I actually enjoy the work I do.

- I am well rewarded for my work. Great base pay, good bonus structure.

- The culture is very fun. Beer pong, bbq in the courtyard, gamerator (video game machine + beer tap!), full bar, mini motorcycle

- I dont have an office or a cube. I have a couch I work from.

- I work on a sweet mac and an iphone boss paid for.

- The company could make me a bunch of cash eventually. Having options in a company I think could hit it big feels good.