Tuesday, November 11, 2008

unjaded - the new thankful

Inspired by Mr Budgets are Sexy to think about some of the Ups at my current job situation.

- I met my significant other here (though he has moved on to a new, awesome job)

- The people. I was pulled into this company by friends I worked with at my first startup in SF (about 8 years ago!). A decent sized group of these coworkers have been people I consider great friends for years.

- I believe in the founders. Ive known them for almost 8 years too. One of the founders is my direct boss.

- My direct boss is extremely positive. He recognizes my accomplishments, reminds me often how much he appreciates me, and generally kicks ass.

- My work is fun. It can be intense and frustrating, but I actually enjoy the work I do.

- I am well rewarded for my work. Great base pay, good bonus structure.

- The culture is very fun. Beer pong, bbq in the courtyard, gamerator (video game machine + beer tap!), full bar, mini motorcycle

- I dont have an office or a cube. I have a couch I work from.

- I work on a sweet mac and an iphone boss paid for.

- The company could make me a bunch of cash eventually. Having options in a company I think could hit it big feels good.

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Budgets are Sexy said...

Awww yeahhhh now THAT is what i'm talking about girl!!! dude, that "Beer Pong" action sounds hot as hell...i might have to bring that up here ;)

Maybe it's just us start up people that get all the goodies? there's def. an interesting atmosphere when it comes to this kinda company.

Thx for sharing, it made my day!