Wednesday, June 11, 2008

utilizing myfico free trial

Ive been pretty scared to take a look at my fico score! I was hoping the 68% payoff of cc debt would really help, but was afraid a couple late payments in 2005 and other issues would make for a poor score and totally break my motivation.

Being in financial denial for all these years, I had not paid great attention to my score. I knew that in 2004 it was at or slightly above 700, as I qualified for a good rate on my car lease that required >700. And I knew that in early 2006 it had dropped to the low 600s, ouch!, when I leased a new apartment.

Decided that I would utilize the free trial on myfico and wasnt too upset by what I saw, whew! 678. I am hoping to get it above 720 in the next couple months.

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