Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Goals

Now that the last few details have been worked out, Im ready to post my 2009 Goals!

1) Finish paying off 0% interest cc by mid February.

2) Stay out of cc debt!!

3) Finish funding EF to $5k by mid February.

4) Contribute maximum to 401k (sadly, no match!)

5) Contribute maximum to get IRA match.

6) Travel out of the country using savings (not EF! savings, heh).

For now, Ive decided against trying to pay off the car early. I will likely get rid of it when the extended warranty expires in 1.5 years.

I have an additional goal, but it didnt seem specific enough to list. Im imagining I would like to have somewhere between 10-30k (on top of my EF) available in cash like equivalents. I may add that as lucky number seven sometime during the first quarter.


J. Money said...

wowwwww, if you can pull all that off i will be one super impressed young man!

Good for you, seriously. all of those goals are incredibly good for your net worth - you can def. do it girl :)

oh, and i'm with you on the not paying off the car one too. if i recall you have a pretty sexy car, so once that warranty is up i'd be getting another one too...in the next cple years i'm gonna work on picking up my benz i've always wanted! but we'll see if my frugalness will allow for it ;)

Doctor S said...

Wow those are some big time goals all for one year!! Good luck w/ that and I have found another good read here!