Sunday, September 14, 2008

I paid off $43,221 in cc debt in less than a year! I DID IT!!

I made my final payment yesterday. I now have *zero* credit card debt!

Less than one year ago in October 2007, my credit card debt looked like this:
boa1 $4149.39 @ 32.24
boa2 $12659.56 @ 18.24 (952 @ 24.24)
chase1 $5510.45 @ 29.99
chase2 $10485.15 @ 29.99
chase3 $9582.95 @ 28.74
capone $833.74 @ 14.4

I would guess that I actually paid about $48-50k in the last year to eliminate the debt, due to the high interest rates on many of the cards.

I also paid $700 towards my personal loan repayment! It is on schedule to be paid back by Oct 15 :)

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Budgets are Sexy said...

holy $hit, that is incredible!!! Congrats :) i'll have to poke around a bit and see how, exactly, you did it (esp w/ those interest rates), but my goodness that's hot.

Go you.