Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update: I bought a car! Goal status. Im turning 30 :)

Whew - a few things.

1) My original goal set in October was to reduce by cc debt by 30k before my 30th bday. I revised that goal down (thinking it was too ambitious) to say Id pay 30k towards my debt by my 30th bday, with interest that wouldnt be a 30k reduction in debt. I HAVE DONE BOTH! My cc debt was at 43k in Oct and now is about 6k.

2) I bought a car!!! Ive moved in with the BF, and the loft is not in SF proper. I didnt *need* a vehicle, but I did want one. Id been wanting something I could take on my dozen+ days to Tahoe in the winter too. I bought a 2004 Porsche Cayenne S with 33k miles for 10k under BlueBook. Amazing deal :)

Im still coming to terms with the reduced amount of cash I have each month to save/pay towards debt every month, but I think this was a great choice.

3) I need to formalize my new goals. Ill do this in another post. Roughly they look like:
* finish all cc debt payoff ASAP. Sept 1 seems about right.
* create at least a 10k emergency fund
* payoff car sooner than later, Im not sure if this is just doubling my month payment or throwing a few thousand a month at it.
* by Jan 1 enroll in 401k and max out for 2009
* figure out post tax % of income to save, is 20% too aggressive?
* figure out student loan repayment plan. Because its at 3.9%, I may not worry about trying too hard there.

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J. Money said...

HOT! Not only the fact that you bought a Porsche, but that you're a WOMAN who bought a porsche! On the 1-10 sexy scale, you my friend earn a 13 ;)

And congrats on reducing the credit card debt! That's def. awesome as well.